GRANDPSAN DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION has strived to be the leader in steel fabrication, tubular section, trailer manufacturing, hauling equipment and general construction. The corporation shall accomplish this through total quality management and at the same time promoting long term partnership with suppliers, customers and the community. Grandspan Development Corporation mission to be a partner in the country's quest for progress and development, and with these visions Grandspan Development Corporation will provide customers with internationally accepted products and services of enduring value with the highest standards of professionalism and technical competence. Grandspan Development Corporation shall provide a safe and environment friendly atmosphere, a working environment conducive to growth and industrial peace.

Quality Policy

GRANDSPAN DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION is committed to the achievement of excellence in Structural Steel Design , Fabrication and Erection. We comply to international Standards for Quality Management Systems to meet the customers, statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the product and Company’s own standards.

We maintain our stature as a leader in steel industry as we set and achieve challenging quality objectives and adopt global best practices towards continual improvement of our business processes to achieve total customer satisfaction.

We produce the best and keep on improving!

Safety Policy

GRANDSPAN DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION is committed to provide a safe and healthy environment in the workplace. Everyone complies to company Safety Rules and Standards in its pursuit to delight employees, community and stakeholders with quality products and services.

We have a strong team exerting best efforts towards a DRUG-FREE and Safe Working Environment guided ny mandates of the law.

Our Greatest challenge is our work philosophy that every accident is PREVENTABLE, that ZERO ACCIDENT is a REALIZABLE goal.

Products and Services :
- Design Works for Structural Steel Frames and Other Related Steel Structures
- Shop Drawing
- Surface Preparation and Painting
- Slitting of Coil
- Rental of Cement Silo


An integral part of Grandspan Development Corporation vision is the manufacture and fabrication of steel products that will meet international standards such as American Standards for Testing Materials (ASTM), Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) and American Welding Society (AWS). After almost two decades Grandspan Development Corporation is proud that its steel products have passed rigorous quality standards. The secret lies in Grandspan Development Corporation's unrelenting drive for quality and efficiency. The end result thoroughly satisfied Grandspan Development Corporation client both domestic and global. Our steel plants produces 2,000 tons a month of fabricated steel structure such as built-up beam, trusses, conveyors and other related products.

Plant Machines & Equipments :
Cutting Equipments

                                   CNC CUTTING MACHINE NO.1 (1 UNIT)                                                                                              FLAME PLANER (2 UNITS)

                                                                                                          PORTABLE CUTTING MACHINE (12 UNITS)

                                CNC CUTTING MACHINE NO. 2 (1 UNIT)                                                                                                       BANDSAW (3 UNITS)


  COPY ABE DRILL (3 UNITS)                                                                                                       CNC DRILLING MACHINE (2 UNITS)

                                        GIRDER RAIL DRILL (1 UNIT)                                                                                                               RADIAL DRILL (2 UNITS)


I-BEAM WELDING LINE (2 LINES)                                                                                 PORTABLE AUTOMATIC WELDING MACHINE (2 UNITS)


                                                                                                           TWIN TORCH WELDING LINE (3 UNITS)